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Hospitality starts in the heart.  As Red Roof’s largest franchisee, we are passionate about hospitality! Our passion is what drives our success of providing our guests a consistently high-quality experience at an affordable price.  Our passion is what allows us to recruit and retain the best employees in the business, averaging 6 years of service or more at most of our locations.  Our passion helps build dedicated and lasting business relationships with our clients and vendors.  RRI West fosters a culture of integrity, accountability, empathy and, of course, passion and we hope you share that same passion wherever, whenever and however, you choose you join us!


Red Roof Plus+

Red Roof Plus+®

Red Roof Plus+® is an Upscale Economy® lodging offering, providing guests with sleek and modern upgrades and amenities at a value price, setting a new standard through enhanced and consistent experiences. Our PLUS+ hotels feature PREMIUM rooms with the highest level of comfort, style and service that guests expect.

Red Roof Inn®

Red Roof Inn® is the go-to economy lodging choice, providing guests with an affordable stay in a clean, modern and comfortable room. Our coast-to-coast hotels are warm and welcoming and offer a value price without sacrificing the quality and convenience that travelers demand. Smart and stylish interior design makes guests feel at home.


Red Roof Inn

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